ARIST is building a responsible organization centered on major research fields.


ARIST selects and conducts research on the Blockchain technology that builds up a trustworthy society based on public values, and the socio-economic ripple effects and influences this technology will bring.


To maintain the reliability of data in a Blockchain, a protocol of agreement between the decentralized nodes is essential. On a public Blockchain system where there is no central trust authority, the process of distinguishing malicious transactions and nodes and maintaining correct transactions is achieved by a systematic consensus protocol between the distributed nodes.

The consensus protocol is a very important factor in determining the safety, speed, and scalability of a Blockchain. We study the Consensus Algorithm which is more efficient and highly scalable than existing PoW, PoS, and FBA.

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Smart Contract is a protocol that is required to execute and demonstrate negotiations or contracts digitally and enables reliable transactions without third-party intervention.

In addition to the simple remittance, it is essential that the Contract function is able to execute negotiations or contracts between individuals in a digital manner in order for the Blockchain to be applied to various industries.

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When the Blockchain and the decision-making system are combined, it is capable of gathering opinions and voting results of the nodes very rapidly and that can be used in the management of the company and the country. In order to reliably introduce the Blockchain into the decision system, it is necessary to ensure the four principles of election (universal suffrage, equal, direct, secret ballot).

We keep confidential information private through cryptography, and study the establishment of an efficient and stable decision-making system in the preprocessing stage.

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BE (Blockchain Economics) drills the digital transformation of business, industry, society and individuals’ life style through blockchains. Considering the key to blockchains as sharing, distributing and cooperating in the proof of the reliability of private information, we investigate what strategies an organization needs to adopt, in what way the corporate governance changes, and what the shape of business process and organizational structure will be in the era of Blockchains.

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